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About Us

Website_005_1.jpgDr. Gleason, Dr Weessies and their staff treat the whole person. They determine each patient's structural, nutritional, and mental stressors and find the most effective ways to deal with them.

Structural stress may be due to:
· Physical traumas
· Poor posture
· Exercise or lack thereof
· Improper shoes, mattresses or pillows

To reduce or eliminate the negative impact of these stressors, the doctors may recommend spinal adjustments, pressure point therapy, orthotic shoe supports, resetting postural reflexes and specific exercises.

Chemical stress may come from:
· Diet
· Environmental toxins
· Cosmetics
· Hormones and prescription medications
· Poor digestion

The negative effect of these stressors can be minimized or reversed through changes in your diet, detoxification programs, water filters or nutritional supplementation.

Mental stress may be tied to:
· Your family of origin
· Your current family
· Job stresses
· Negative thought patterns

Whatever the source, these can be addressed through techniques such as affirmations, visualization, journaling, mediation and yoga as well as psychotherapy.

2004_1209Image0015_Changed_1_1.JPGTaking the time to listen and work through these issues with their patients, Dr. Gleason and Dr. Weessies identify an approach that is right for each individual. While some patients schedule regular appointments for ongoing maintenance, most find help resolving a particular issue and return when they need additional help. Whenever they do, they find the office a familiar, welcoming and comfortable environment.

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